Busting The Bullshit

July 7, 2014

I am a passionate person and passionate about many things in life.


One of my biggest passions is helping people. So much so, that I have recently changed careers where I can coach people and almost instantly help to make a change in someone’s life.


If I find myself in a situation where I can be of help to someone then I always feel compelled, almost obliged, to act on it. I’ll very rarely stand idly by and do nothing about it. I am not trying to be condescending and everything that I do is with the best intention. If I offend other people along the way, well then that’s their problem, and it should never be taken personally.


After more than 14 years studying and working in academia, where daily I had to trawl through literature to seek out information, to justify my work, and to stay on top of the research game, I am more than experienced and qualified to do the same in the health and fitness industry. Namely, to seek out and call bullshit on the many myths, fallacies, and outright lies that are rife within the industry, in particular with food and nutrition.


I am on a big mission. To dispel all the misinformation and to quite simply make it all go away. There is so much CRAP out there quite literally RUINING people’s lives and scaring them into an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and nutrition. I know for a fact this is one area where I can help people and I refuse to sit back and do nothing about it. 


“Food fear” is becoming more and more common, with people saying things like “sugar is the devil”, “carbohydrates make you fat”, “protein makes you bulky”, and “grains will kill you”.


I am fed up with this food fear mongering. Vilifying foods is a big, big problem. It does not make people healthy, which is wholly ironic as that is what the majority of people are seeking to do in the first place.


Run-of-the-mill diet gurus, social media, branded marketing, and even qualified personal trainers are all to blame for this food fear mongering, which is ultimately driving people towards having an unhealthy mind and body. Having a fear of food takes away all pleasure and enjoyment from eating food. Feck that!


Seeing people have a fear of food is heart breaking. Seeing how brain washed people can become is scary. Down with that sort of thing!


So to wrap it up, what myths, fallacies, and bullshit lies would you like me to bust first? Comments below please! Let me help you by keeping the bullshit at bay and shed some light on the truth about food and nutrition so you can better reach your goals. Hooray!


Keep Her Lit,



PS Check out my monthly online group nutrition coaching program, Ignition, which focuses on gaining health and losing body fat, where I bust ALL the bullshit HERE.


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