From Out Cast to Nut Coach

December 24, 2014

I’ll keep the minor details for my autobiography (!) but here’s some of the major game changing moments of 2014 that have changed the trajectory of my life…




So it begins.


I completed personal training course and decided I was going to work part-time as a nutrition coach. This decision resulted in me getting thrown out of my gym due to an apparent conflict of business interest (even though said gym currently offered no nutrition service – what gives?).


I was absolutely devastated at the time, not only because I trained out of this gym but I instructed there too. It was there that I got my first feel of a kettlebell and a grá for helping others move and lift better.


In hindsight, I would not be where I am today if I didn't get thrown out of the gym – so THANK YOU SINCERELY for being so close-minded.


After a good mope and weep, I relaunched (long story) Facebook page and business under the name Hardcore Core. I know I know, what was I thinking!




I ran the first ever online Ignition program in May with 16 members, which included my Mam, sister, cousin, and 5 close friends.


The most likely influential moment of the year was when I contacted Dave Hedges of Wild Geese and asked if it was ok if I called in and trained with his club there, Kettleheads. He knew I trained with a different club so I’m guessing he was a bit suspicious when I rocked up and told him I was thrown out of it!


By the way, I chose Dave’s gym and club because he writes a fitness blog and I liked what I read. You can’t beat a bit of writing, and I knew he was the best in town simply from reading his blog. Cue link HERE.


Also go train at Wild Geese - it's the bestest.




I jacked in my full-time job as a postdoctoral research engineer in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and decided to go balls to the wall and give the new business a proper bash.


Feck it, sure why not. I'm not one to dwell on decisions. 


After a few weeks training with Dave, the curiosity got the better of him and he asked me about my approach to nutrition coaching. I filled him in. He liked the sound of it and he invited me to write a guest piece for his online blog.


I legged it home after training and wrote my first piece that night and emailed it to Dave the next morning.


Fad Diets Piss Me Off went live the following Monday.


It did the rounds and I got some good feedback so decided to follow it up with a recipe on my own blog. A salsa recipe that will blow your mind.


I posted said recipe on Facebook, where Mam’s brother, Ben, saw it. He had a nose around my website and liked what he read. He text me the next day to say “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve forwarded your details onto an editor friend of mine in the Herald. I think you should give Karl Henry a run for his money and write”.


I read text and screeched.


One of my better decisions was made this month – I changed business name from Hardcore Core to The Nut Coach.


Best. Name. Ever. Smiley face.




The next week I wrote my first article for the Herald and titled it “Change Your Mind to Change Your Body”. It even made it into the Independent, woop.


Two weeks later I was invited to write another feature piece. So I did. “Finding Your Inner Strength” was published to encourage women to lift weights.


Another big game changer this month was becoming friends with Sol Orwell (co-founder of on Facebook.




I wrote a third feature piece for the Herald this month – Calories Count, but That Doesn’t Mean We Should Count Them. It was well received.




I received an email from The Herald and Indo editor asking me would I like to give writing a weekly nutrition column a bash. No brainer – of course I would.




Sol dropped by (sent a message) to say “hi”. No doubt it was to pimp his new Research Digest that they were launching in November. But turns out he is a sound man, some pretty mental chats ensued, but also lots of decent advice was offered.




November was the BOOM month. After a few consistent weeks of articles in the Herald and Independent, I was starting to build some credibility. People were starting to believe, and more importantly like what I had to say.


The end of November saw my first “Feel Good Look Good Nutrition Seminar”. On the back of which, I have been contacted by other gyms and fitness facilities to run numerous workshops in the New Year, dates and venues to be announced soon. Excited!




Sol text randomly one day to ask if I would be interested in writing for Spot Me Girl. I text back to say I don’t know who they are but ok!


I’m not one to turn down an opportunity.


As it turns out, they are a US based online female fitness magazine, sister to Spot Me Bro, who have > 1 million readers.


On 22nd December, my debut article “5 Reasons Why Detoxes Suck” was published.


It went down a treat and I’ve been invited to write another one since. I am dead excited to see what doors are going to open as a result. BIG thanks to Sol for the recommendation!


January 2015???


So there you have it folks, some of biggest game changing moments for me in 2014. I have lost friends over some of the decisions I have made this year. But I’ve also made even better friends as a result of those same decisions. You know who you are.


Thanks to all my family, friends, training buddies, clients, and readers for all your support and encouragement this year. As for 2015, all I can say is... Watch out, the Nut Coach is about.


Wishing you all happiness and success for the year ahead!


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