Rockin Abs Without Wreckin My Buzz?

February 15, 2016


I've never had visible abs...


A sculpted six pack has just never been on the agenda. My fitness goals are usually based on numbers on the bar or the time on a clock, rather than the number on the weighing scales or what I look like.


We all inherently have six-pack abs. They are just hidden underneath a layer of subcutaneous fat, however, shredded abs may come at a very high cost for some.


A healthy level of body fat is somewhere between 11-22% for men and between 22-33% for women. To reveal “six-pack” abs, body fat needs to be sub 10% for men and sub 20% for women. At a guess, I’m sitting around 25% body fat, but who knows for sure, and who really cares either.


Having “six-pack” abs or low body fat does not define health. In some cases, it takes very drastic and extreme measures to reach low enough levels of body fat before abs are visible. Even at super low levels, some people will never reveal a set of abs, simply due to their body being built differently.


Last night, while left to my own thoughts, I wondered, is it possible for me to achieve a six pack and lead a normal life at the same time WITHOUT adhering to an extremely strict diet and WITHOUT making too many sacrifices? And if so, just how long would it take?


I don’t want to skip nights out to spend more time at the gym.
I don’t want to forego the odd weekend takeaway to plan and prep all my meals.
I don’t want my libido to diminish due to malnourishment.


Personally, the trade-off is just not worth it. I don’t want to risk feeling like crap on the inside just so I can look super lean on the outside. The road to sculpted abs is enduring and exhausting and it is just not a priority for me.


So with that said – just how chiselled can my abs get, if at all, all while adhering to a normal balanced diet, while still enjoying my life, and just how long will it take?


Well… Let’s find out! Time to put my money where my mouth is and find out if the sacrifices are 1) necessary and 2) worth it.


Today marks Day 1 of “Project: Rockin Abs Without Wreckin My Buzz - Is It Possible and How Long Will It Take?"


Disclaimer: I potentially will never achieve visible abs and may very well give up after a few weeks if I decide that the sacrifices I need to make are just not worth it. And I’m ok with that.


PS: I shall not be bombarding you with ab shots because that would just be annoying as hell. One ab shot every second week at most. Instead I’ll be posting mostly about how I am feeling and if I am enjoying/hating the process. If I start to hate it or if the process begins to shit all over my happiness then I’ll stop. Simple as that!


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PPS: The above ab (or lack thereof) selfie was taken on the 24th January after a Sunday roast in my Mam's house. Visit my recent Facebook post HERE to read more about my non-visible abs!

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