Whatever You Do, DON'T Be Like Mary

September 5, 2017


Mary is a member of her local slimming club and as part of the club, Mary goes to a weekly weigh-in to track her weight loss.


Every week, Mary does her best to have a poo before the weigh-in so she will weigh less.


Even though Mary doesn't really like coffee, she would force herself to drink 2 cups of black coffee to help her to have a poo.


The coffee doesn't always work, so the days where Mary doesn't manage to squeeze a poo out, she gets nervous about not reaching her target weight loss.


Every week, Mary feels sick standing in the queue at the weigh-in because she also hasn't eaten or drank anything yet that day in case she doesn't reach her target weight loss.


Mary also takes off her watch, the clips out of her hair, and her stud earrings out of her ears.


Some weeks Mary reaches her target weight loss and is happy as Larry, and thinks how great her diet is going, so she celebrates with cake and eats everything in sight after her weigh in because she was so hungry after starving herself earlier that day.


Then other weeks Mary does not reach her target weight loss and storms out of the club like a bat out of hell, thinking that she and her diet are useless, and drowns her sorrows with cake, pizza, chips, burgers, crisps, and a 2 litres of Diet Coke.


Mary vows to start her diet again and do better.


She waits until next Monday and then gives up all the sweets and crisps and bread and burgers, and swears on her Granny's life that this time will be different.


Two weeks later Mary boils the kettle to make 2 cups of coffee…




If you see yourself in Mary and are sick of being like Mary, letting the weekly weigh in drive you to unhealthy behaviours, enduring the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain and you want to find a better way to achieve with your weight loss goals, then my nutrition group, Ignition Nutrition, might just be the answer for you.


Ignition Nutrition is a no nonsense online nutrition program, run through a private Facebook group, that helps you to both feel and look your best.


Achieve your body composition goals and break free from yo-yo dieting, all while feeling liberated and looking fabulous!

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