Piddle off With Your 'It Takes 3.66 km of Running to Burn off a Mars Bar'

February 26, 2018


Begin rant.


When are people going to get it? That our health is so much MORE than physical.


Piddle off with your "it takes 3.66 km of running to burn off a Mars bar".


Seriously, piddle the hell off.


We all have a fundamental right to eat food (of our choice) to sustain life. You do not need to earn it by running or walking in advance or to burn it off after.


Educating about food energy density is one thing, but promoting disordered eating behaviours (i.e. exercise bulimia) and demonising certain foods is another thing entirely.


Sharing such images with the equivalent number of kilometres beside it that you have to run in order to burn calories off is facilitating disordered eating behaviours.


Using exercise solely to "burn off calories" can be representative of a dysfunctional relationship with food.


Not only that, but exercise will soon turn into something you see as punishment and suck any joy out of it.


Exercise should be something you do to inject some positivity into your life. Not because you ate food, which IS and should be a pleasurable experience.


Instead of running 3.44km to burn off the Mars bar, how about talking on the phone for 2 hours?

Instead of running 10.47km to burn off the crisps, how about sleeping for 10 hours?

Instead of running 3.97km to burn off the Twix, how about playing with the dog for 1.5 hours?

Instead of running 4.05km to burn off the cheeseburger, how about watching football for 2.5 hours?

Instead of running 11.99km to burn off the burrito, how about having sex for 7.5 hours?

Instead of running 1.87km to burn off the can of Coke, how about meditating for 2 hours?

Instead of running 3.66km to burn off the Snickers, how about playing the guitar for 2 hours?

Instead of running 5.97km to burn off the chips, how about reading for 3 hours?

Instead of running 2.21km to burn off the Ferrero Rocher, how about watching TV for 2 hours?


End rant.


Thanks for reading,



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