Weekend-proof Your Diet... Eat *Some* Cake!

July 28, 2018


DID YOU KNOW that the food you eat at the weekend has calories the exact same way the food you eat during the week does?

Your body doesn’t change its response to the quantity of food you eat just because it is the weekend.


No matter how much you convince yourself.


If you claim to have a fat loss goal, then making mindful food choices is just as important on the weekend as it is from Monday to Friday, or else you run the risk of erasing your last few days of effort.

It is all too easy to sabotage the hard work you have put in during the week by having one too many treats over the weekend or by using food as a reward because you have had a tough week.

In two short weekend days, it is possible to erase the efforts from the previous five week days.


What is the point in putting in a great deal of effort during the week, only for you to sabotage the progress at the weekend?

If your usual approach is to eat NONE of the cake Monday through Friday and then ALL of the cake Saturday and Sunday, how about just eating SOME of the cake this weekend instead?

And during the week too for that matter.


One of the main causes you overeat or binge at the weekends is because you are restricting too much food during the week in the first place. So come Monday, instead of the usual "starting my diet again" approach, try and avoid restricting food too much during the week.

One of the most important steps to make for long-term dietary success and maintaining a healthy weight is to break the typical “all or nothing” approach to dieting.


So use this weekend as an opportunity just to eat as normal.

No extremes.

No binges.

No spiralling out of control.

Just eat normally.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to remind yourself that there will ALWAYS be delicious food for you to eat on Monday. There will ALWAYS be opportunities to eat delicious fun food on ANY given day of the week.

However, don't feel like you have to suffer through the weekend though either. Use the time to try new recipes or challenge yourself to create a new dish with a new ingredient you have never cooked with before. Weekends are a great opportunity to try new and fun foods!

Be fearless in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to try new things. Dice up a new vegetable, try some fresh fish, or season your dish with a new spice.

The bottom line is to be mindful about what you eat over the weekend. Restriction during the week can cause binging at the weekend. This is not normal and this is not balanced.

Balance isn't the average of two extremes. Balance is the reining in of the extremes in the first place.

Have a smashing weekend folks!


Thanks for reading,


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